The United Board's work began in October 1922, which means the year 2022 officially marks our centennial. Such a joyous occasion deserves celebration in many forms, in many venues, and with many friends. Our centennial website is one such venue: it gives us a platform to celebrate the vision of our founders and the ways in which our many colleagues, donors, and friends share our mission and support our programs.

“Great Expectations” is the theme that unifies all of our centennial celebrations. It describes the goals of the leaders and faculty of our network institutions – past and present – who translate the principles of whole person education into practice. It reminds us that the educators who participate in our programs expect to absorb new knowledge, skills, and approaches to teaching and learning. And it highlights the great expectations our network institutions have for their students, who they hope will lead lives that are personally and professional rewarding, in service to others.

Our vision has always been simple yet deeply inspiring. We want to support Asian colleges and universities as they deliver education that enriches students intellectually, spiritually, and ethically. We want to help young adults develop their minds, hearts, and consciences so that they can better serve their families, communities, and societies. For 100 years, these goals have set the foundation for our “Great Expectations” – and they will continue to guide us in our second century.

On behalf of the United Board’s trustees and staff, we thank all of you for your support of our mission and programs. Your trust and your friendship are the lanterns that light our way. You help us set “Great Expectations” and you help us achieve them. Thank you!

Christian Murck
United Board Chair

Nancy E. Chapman
United Board President