Bravos to Two Friends United in Joy and Purpose – Petra Christian University throws a party for the United Board

Mr. Ricky Cheng, Interim President and Executive Vice President of the United Board and Dr. Djwantoro Hardjito, Rector of Petra Christian University, stand united on Whole Person Education (courtesy of Petra Christian University)


More than 1,500 guests enjoyed and applauded the performances on 4 March of 11 Questions, a production of Petra Theater of Petra Christian University in Surabaya, Indonesia.  Mr. Ricky Cheng, Interim President and Executive Vice President of the United Board, Dr. Budi Widianako, Trustee, and Mr. Tommy Cho, Director of Communications, attended the performance in the evening as well as a reception to mark the collaboration of the two institutions on whole person education.

11 Questions is about the growth of a college student and her awakening to the larger issues in her life—her place in the community and her relationship with those around her, especially the disadvantaged.  It is a paean, vastly enlightening, touching, and entertaining, to the education of the whole person completed through love, empathy, and sacrifice.

Ricky addressed the audience at the beginning of the evening performance: “Art, music and the performing art have always been close to the hearts of the United Board.  We believe that no medium is more direct and effective than the arts which delight the senses and touch the heart to precipitate profound changes in individuals.

“I thank Petra Christian University, one of our closest and most trusted partners in the region, for co-celebrating the 20th anniversary of its theatre and the United Board’s Centennial with this special project of passion on whole person education, an education ideal shared and actively pursued by both Petra Christian University and the United Board.”

Earlier in the evening, a dinner reception was held where Petra Christian University and some of its donors and friends gathered to celebrate the Centennial of the United Board as well as their collaboration on whole person education.


Members of the United Board and Petra Christian University cut the cake
(courtesy of Petra Christian University)


Ricky, Budi, Tommy were in for more pleasant surprises when, before the curtain was raised for 11 Questions, they and the audience members were treated to a recital of the United Board’s Centennial Anthem, Cherished Moments, by the Petra Choir.  They were no stranger to the anthem being performed by the choirs of the United Board’s cherished partners.  But Petra Choir’s rendition gave the melody and the lyrics even richer meanings and offered a prelude to an artistic evening for the guests and hosts.

The Petra Choir performs “Cherished Moments”


While they might not have all the answers, cast and crew have all the fun after the curtain has fallen to overwhelming responses from the audience
(courtesy of Petra Christian University)


Ricky goes on the stage to congratulate the actors after the performance