Our Centennial Fund

The United Board’s Centennial is a milestone that prompts us to reflect upon our heritage and set great expectations for our second century. As part of our celebration, we are launching a Centennial Fund to renew and expand sources of support for our programs. Our Centennial Fund will give special attention to three of our strategic priorities: Leadership Development, Faculty Development, and Special Initiatives. We believe these areas will resonate with our donors, as many of them have a strong desire to invest in the “people of our mission” – the leaders and faculty committed to transformative education –and who see the potential for higher education to respond to the needs of Asian societies.

We welcome your support for our Centennial Fund!

For further information on contributing to the Centennial Fund, please contact Ms. Trudy Loo at 1.212.870.2612 or tloo@unitedboard.org.