Premiere of the Centennial Anthem

A celebratory concert on March 25, 2021 marked the 70th anniversary of Chung Chi College and the Centennial of the United Board, with the fresh young voices of the Chung Chi Choir bringing the spirit of the United Board’s Centennial Anthem, “Cherished Moments,” to life.

“Cherished Moments,” composed by Prof. Victor Chan and performed under the direction of Prof. Carmen Koon, blends choral music with lyrics celebrating whole person education. The lyrics highlight “leaders, strong and ethical” and “teachers, kind and capable” who have “students’ futures at their core.” Three versions of the anthem were performed: a cathedral version, an ethnic version, and a soli version.

The United Board extends its deep appreciation to Prof. Chan, Prof. Koon, and the Chung Chi Choir for contributing their talents to the creation and performance of “Cherished Moments.” We also offer our congratulations to Chung Chi College on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of its founding!

To view the March 25 performance, click here.

Lyrics to “Cherished Moments”

Cherished moments we praise,
A time to sing and celebrate;
Shepherded by our yesterdays,
Great Expectations as we pray.

 Institutions large and small,
Students’ futures are their core;
All leaders strong and ethical,
All teachers kind and capable.
Let students be taught as they should,
To serve the world as best they could;
Among all these spirited souls,
Our mission is to make them whole.

 For ten decades we embraced,
Education is the way;
A Hundred years more we pray;
The world will be a better place.