Centennial Initiative: Campus Ministry

Campus ministers at Asian Christian colleges and universities face multiple challenges. What does it take for their institutions to stay faithful to their Christian heritage in the pluralistic context of Asia? How can they help  meet faculty and students’ spiritual needs, including students of other faiths or of no faith? And what role are they expected to play in providing counseling and pastoral services to students in need of emotional support?

Our Campus Ministry Initiative will help higher education institutions adapt their traditional chaplaincy frameworks to respond to these dynamics. It recognizes the leadership roles that chaplains play as they guide the spiritual development of students and build a campus culture of care across religions and ethnicities. Through an Asian Campus Ministry Forum and an Asian Academy of Campus Ministry, the United Board will provide channels for chaplains and campus ministry staff to share best practices, explore the multireligious context of Asia, and develop the skills to better meet the needs of their campus community.

Please continue to check our website for future announcements about this Centennial Initiative.